Financial Planning & Advisory

Our Motto is to create an efficient and effective finance planning for individuals for life time achievement.
Today’s individuals are being faced with a complex, constantly changing business environment. In this fast moving complex environment it is observed that individuals are so busy with their companies strategies & policies and hence they get hardly any time to look into their whole life savings. We as as Ecostar consulting solutions would guide you with proper dimension which would help to deliver transparent, efficient & effective advisory services including managing market risk and compliance, effectively leverages savings and maximizes liquidity at any point of time.Individuals are always examining their savings and asking if they are on the right track to achieve their goals in a specified time frame. In order to achieve that we as Ecostar consulting would guide you with bench marking of financial metrics to help you understand where your current financial gaps are in a cost effective manner & lead you to achieve the following:
  • Identify and implement quick win-win improvements and remediation needs
  • Develop a roadmap for achieving medium and longer term income generation targets / goals

Our Solutions include

  • Life insurance Products
  • Retirement & Pension Products
  • Financial Investments
  • Bond Advisory
  • NCD Advisory
  • Mutual Fund Advisory
  • Stock Advisory
  • High return less risk FD Advisory other than banks
  • Loan Advisory / Consultation
  • Income Tax Filing

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